A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Event

“Four years ago my professional life flashed before my eyes.  I was hired by a Fortune 10 corporation to produce a major event and executive retreat.  The planning had gone on for months, the budget was healthy but not unlimited and I had been working especially hard to find ways to incorporate the little touches that make an event stand out.  Then it happened…the golf balls were printed with the logo in the wrong color blue.  THE WRONG COLOR! And just like that, Rocca was born.”


-Jennifer Stevens, President & CEO of JHL Company & Rocca


Over the last decade, JHL Company has been building strategic communications, marketing, event and fundraising efforts for dozens of clients all over the world. Four years ago, JHL’s need for a promotional product vendor who cares led to the formation of Rocca. And the partnership has been benefitting our clients ever since.


One Rocca client started out needing golf shirts for their employees and now JHL serves as their outsourced Chief Marketing Officer. Another Rocca client started out needing a clever event invitation and ended up with JHL spearheading not only their event, but the development of their strategic communications plan. On the flip side, one JHL client needed public affairs help and ended up with Rocca executing a five-month legislative touch plan during session.  It works.


The synergy behind this one, two punch is evident. Together, we are a united, smart force for our clients.