A Tisket, A Tasket is Nothing Without That Basket!

Picture the scene next Sunday: dozens of children in their Easter Sunday best running out on the lawn hunting plain, white hard-boiled eggs? Not very appealing. You might as well hide some lettuce or jars of mayo. What provokes the frenzied gathering of eggs at Easter? Of course, it’s the colorful packaging!


It may seem a silly analogy, but at Rocca, we know packaging is serious business. From unique twists on the conventional such as custom tissue paper and ribbons to logo-etched ice buckets delivering a celebration at the close of a deal, we know how something arrives is just as important as what.


Take your next annual meeting as an example. Sure, you assemble a welcome packet for pick-up at registration. However, what does it say about your company when board members receive a welcome of useful creativity at their hotel? Small touches like specially created USB drives containing agendas and background documents, or welcome messages and directions printed on water bottles and sunscreen make their arrival more than an afterthought.


Don’t forget to think green either. Recent surveys show U.S. consumers are increasingly savvy when it comes to green packaging and demanding a little courtesy for the planet. We explore all options for creative and responsible presentation. Most of all, we adore packaging with multiple purposes that never has to see a trash bin.


So, when you’re digging through those baskets for the chocolate bunnies this weekend, take notice of the power of packaging. How else could Peeps have ever become popular? Happy Easter!



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