The Rocca Difference

Adding a Rocca Credit to Your Brand Computation

Fingers cramped in a calculator-hovering position? Spreadsheets stacked to the ceiling? Expense reports expending your patience? Whether your tax preparation was a write-off winner or deduction disaster, Rocca brings you cash-flow comfort this week by reminding you how we extend your business dollars year after year. Here are just a few reasons why we save our clients an average of 40 percent on their branded purchases.

Vested Benefits 
Not to brag, but vendors want us. Rocca purchases for clients throughout the year, not just here and there. When we find a quality vendor for a specific project, we leverage that possibility of a long-term relationship to get a better price or value-added perks. Sure, vendors find individual consumers desirable too; they just don’t have the potential — or negotiating power — that Rocca holds.


Short-Term Gains
Don’t try to hide it. We know you’ve been there. Management either drops a new project in your lap at the last minute, or you pushed back an event’s priority a few weeks too many. Now you’re scrambling to find a vendor as fast as possible and staring down rush fees. Never fear. Rocca knows where to look so that you don’t simply go with an over-priced, inferior-quality Google search result. We know how long reasonable product production takes and the tricks to shave time and costs for sudden success.


Lifetime Learning Credits
We’re like a big sister standing outside the dressing room saving you from a designer purchase that would be fabulous … three seasons ago. Rocca follows trades, tastes and technology so your brand doesn’t throw money down the drain on second-rate clearance items. Remember the, “it’s not a bargain if you don’t use it,” wisdom? We live by this motto at Rocca and keep you honest about your purchasing needs. We don’t just fill a product void. We create lucrative brand outreach.


When working with Rocca, a year’s worth of purchase receipts brings back great memories of jobs well done and savings in the bank. See how we can help you preserve more of your hard-earned cash. If you could only say the same for those mileage reports!


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