American-Made Products Can Be Good for The Economy and Your Budget

While Independence Day tends to highlight patriotic sentiments and soapboxes, did you know only 67 percent of American consumers will choose American-made products if a lower price is offered? Last year’s Associated Press-GfK poll says that’s in stark contrast to three-quarters of the same participants claiming they prefer buying American-made goods. And while availability and prices seemed to be common excuses, it just doesn’t sit right with us. It’s rare we can’t celebrate economical, quality American-made solutions. Take a look at some of these gems!

Yes, American-Made Product Can Be the Norm!
Many clients assume there simply aren’t American-made products to compete with saturated foreign productions of items such as lapel pins, award ceremony medals, and other standard promotional gear. Go ahead. Flip over most lapel pins you’ve been handed to find a “Made in (insert a place not the USA!)” stamp. However, we commonly source from American-made companies for these products. Our recent Texas Cultural Trust lapel pins and honoree medals for their Texas Medal of Arts Awards kept things both in the country and on a budget!  All it takes is one snarky social media story or news mention to make your organization look hypocritical talking about American values and exceptionalism.


Put Some Skin in the Game!
People also tend to overlook American products when considering custom office supplies. Notebooks, binders, bookmarks and even keychains can boast an American pedigree, as well as an upgrade in style. Many of these include custom leather products from favorite vendors, such as David Michael Leather and Rustico. We’ve designed incredible American-made head turners, such as leather binders for AT&T, bookmarks for TCU and even leather coasters for CWS Corporate Housing. Transform the common into the incomparable, while keeping your cash in the U.S.!


Patriotic Plastics Available!

Finally, don’t assume those game cups and tumblers must come from a land far, far away. From thermal coffee mugs with slider lids, to sports bottles, koozies and cool sleeves, we can source them all from right here at home. We’ve done the leg work and price negotiation for you. Now, just sit back and drink in the fact that your dollars are staying right here in the U.S.


At Rocca, we know American-made promotional products aren’t always an option. Some specialty items simply must be sourced directly from a foreign manufacturer. However, when looking at widely available items, we always keep our eyes open for ways to help you invest in the American economy and workers. It’s our promise to you, and our great nation.


Have a happy and safe Independence Day from your friends at Rocca!