Are We There Yet?

The halfway mark is almost upon studious boys and girls: Spring Break! Traveling with the family provides more challenging opportunities than day-to-day travel, so we thought we’d share some of Rocca’s favorite travel and packing tips.


Get on a roll!
Rolling clothes in tissue takes up much less space and leaves you with fewer wrinkles. Don’t have a bag with dividers? Placing items inside a few empty shoe or boot boxes in your bag can actually save space while you stack neater.


Take charge of your trip!
Phones, DVD players and games become worthless without their chargers. Avoid texting withdrawal or a child’s meltdown by carrying a separate bag and checklist for all power sources. Not sure of the best carrier for all of your electronics? Check with Rocca and learn about your options.


Make your bank jealous; tell them where you are going.
Has your super-vigilant bank ever noticed your San Francisco shopping only to security flag your card before dim sum? A few quick clicks on your bank’s website might save you from asking your mother-in-law for cash at Disneyland.


What’d you bring us?
Line the bottom of your luggage with a flat reusable grocery bag so that all those souvenirs can come back with one set of sturdy handles.


Need other helpful items before you hit the road? Check out our supply of customizable luggage tags (the brighter the better!), passport cases, TSA-friendly clear pouches and other organizational gems to make this trip and all future ones a breeze for your family and colleagues.


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