Welcome to Awards Season!

No, our calendar pages aren’t sticking. We’re not talking about the Oscars, Golden Globes or Grammys. For most outside the world of red carpets, awards season falls squarely during the summer convention months. For the bulk of Rocca’s clients awards are presented when a group gets together – and that means anything from a massive convention to departmental happy hour. Still searching for the best way to sing someone’s praises? Let us help you with some ideas.


Get into Shape
Gone are the days when rectangular plaques hung row by row in offices. These days, an award should jump into view and stand out just as much as the recipient’s accomplishments! At Rocca, we’re experts in finding just the right way to show your appreciation. Whether you choose something branded with your logo or a little more personal, you’ll find it’s hip not to be the same old square.


A Material World
While crystal is the standard, let Rocca help you select the materials that will express your gratitude best. Laser engraving and etching on anything from limestone to sanded aluminum to jade glass inserts can add a unique touch to any accolade. And before you start worrying about the cost of heavy shipping, remember that Rocca works to ensure that all shipping is on-time and on-budget.


Thinking Outside the Trophy Box
At Rocca, we know tradition holds its place, so we use our creativity to keep traditions alive in the modern world. With just a little information about the award and its recipient, we’ll reinvent the standard office display. After all, Emily Post never said an award couldn’t come in the form of custom cowboy boots or an engraved wine bottle. Personalized awards work especially well with lifetime service honors or retirees who will want to display their accomplishments away from the office.


Rocca works on awards 365 days a year. We’re always looking for clever ways for your brand to say “great job!” at monthly meetings, quarterly retreats, or an annual conference. You give them something to look forward to …  and Rocca will give them something to remember!


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