Rocca 101: Back to the Basics

Pay attention, class! You know from experience that Rocca is your go-to creative team when you need big ideas. Gold star for you! But, you may be teetering on the pass-fail line if that’s all you know about us.


We want to make sure you pass with flying colors by schooling you on some of the lesser-known facts about our business. Let’s review…


Rocca Factoid #1: While we’re known for out-of-the-box thinking and creative projects, we are also A+ when it comes to the fundamentals. For example, did you know we are prepped and ready to provide you with branded notebooks, pens, lanyards, rulers, USB drives, laptop and tablet sleeves, t-shirts, backpacks, uniforms, awards, koozies, Tervis tumblers, and coffee mugs?


Rocca Factoid #2:  We can save you time (a.k.a. MONEY!) by scouring the scads of vendors out there for the perfect promotional product. Just give us an assignment and we’ll tackle the research for you so you can have fun at recess.


Like any good educator, Rocca’s success is based on our students’ comprehension of the subject matter at hand. If we haven’t explained our capabilities in a way that resonates, please raise your hand and feel free to ask questions.