Back to the Future with Your Business Advertising Products

It’s 2017. Today’s branded marketing and business advertising products are all about innovation and customization. You shouldn’t still be leafing through dated pages of printed catalogs. However, we also warn – from experience – that online-only purchases can add an avalanche of unanticipated headaches. If you’re wondering how to navigate an ideal compromise between a dated process and a modern, but who knows what you’ll get online option, Rocca is it.


At Rocca, we know inspiration and motivation can strike at odd times. That’s why we offer ideas and examples on our website but we are just an email away to bring your vision to life! And while Rocca holds relationships giving us access to more than 80,000 products (far more than what we can post online!) from the latest awards, apparel, and electronics – we stay up-to-date on all the latest options so you don’t have to.


We created Rocca because we were frustrated promotional product shoppers. We know it’s important to gain rough pricing from the very beginning of your projects, whether you’re building annual budgets or ready to place a final order. The best way to get a real estimate is to tell us timelines and quantity and then let us work our magic!


Once you’ve completed some initial scans, you want to tap into the Rocca expertise! While online browsing offers you speed and thought-starters, it is no substitute for human knowledge and innovation. Our team gathers information about appealing items and quickly incorporates your audience, budget, and timeline needs. We customize options just for you, without wasting time on useless, excessive sales calls. Or, if you know you’ve already spotted a winner, we’ll take over and manage the order to delivery, leaving you confidently striking another task from your to-do list.


Your business advertising products and branded marketing campaigns deserve more than an old-school process or hidden online complications, lackluster quality, and expenses. Contact us today and learn about the Rocca difference and how we form a low-stress, interactive marketing partnership to reach your goal every time!