Brand Protection Factor

Summertime, and the livin’ is…distracting.


That routine you’ve been cultivating for the past nine months is about to be seriously disrupted by the good stuff that makes summer, well, summer! We know you wouldn’t trade flextime, homework-free kids or that months-in-the-planning beach vacation for more face time with your colleagues (lovely as they are). But just as your still-untouched-by-the sun complexion must be protected from those UV rays, your brand must be protected from summer’s worthwhile diversions.


Enter Rocca, 100 BPF (Brand Protection Factor) Collaborator and Summer Fun Enabler.


How exactly did we earn that 100 BPF rating? First, we firmly believe one size never fits all, and we take a thoughtful, personalized approach to each client’s goals and audiences. Second, we make it our business to be nosey about your business so we can produce effective, high quality, timely, and cost-appropriate solutions for your needs. Finally, like any control freak with a rep to protect, we are detail oriented. You developed that brand style guide for a reason and we ensure all rules are followed, down to the italicized, lowercased, underlined acronym to be used on fourth reference.


So you go hit the beach and let us start working on your end-of-fiscal year and fall promotions!  Rocca is here to make sure you are ready.