Be Buttoned Up in 2012

How wonderful is that blank appointment calendar those first days after the hectic holidays? But scroll a few weeks ahead and there it is … the big presentation you’ve been dreading for weeks. Turn 2012 into the year when you present your very best each time you enter the room. Rocca has all the tools to leave the biggest of the big dogs demanding a curtain call.


Add Value with Virtual!
You always want them clamoring for more … now you can give it to them! With video presentation folders, your “leave-behind” becomes a continuing visual message to review or pass up the chain of command. Whether used for news conferences, sales calls or client presentations, each folder contains enough digital memory to continue the conversation, wow and engage. Your message automatically plays when opening the magnetic card. Now that’s a way to stand out in a stack of contenders!


Can Someone Make Me A Copy?
The awkward lugging of briefs or supplemental research disappears when you place all your background information into the palms of clients’ hands. Wrap up your meetings by passing out easy- to-share copies of your work on individual USB drives. These drives also efficiently present all agendas and background materials before your annual meeting — saving the frustration of traveling with heavy bags. Add your logo to the USB to securely deliver the information you worked so hard to create, while utilizing a thoughtful, environmentally friendly solution to stacks of paper.


Your Mark Must Be Memorable.
Whether you’re selling products or big ideas, the rules of sales apply: the quicker you close the deal, the better! Rocca can help you discover courtesy items or follow-up gifts to help you stay top-of-mind until the deal is done. Whether you’re pitching a new sports arena or software innovation, Rocca finds the perfect creative expression to match your topic, audience and goal. We’re not talking about pencils or outdated mouse pads here. Rocca’s innovative team finds custom gifts your audience will truly use, while recalling how well you understand your business and theirs.


So get ready to give them your best this year. We can’t be there to straighten your tie, calm your nerves or offer that last-minute breath mint. But when you enter the room with Rocca products, you bring the power of a full creative team with you!


Rocca Productions — Bold Your Reputation