Is Your Booty Buzz Worthy?

With the fall comes the barrage of music festivals, charitable events, and conferences, which means there’s always an opportunity to introduce your brand to lots of people. We call this “explosive potential.” Tapping into all that energy and camaraderie can be a marketing goldmine.


At Rocca, we can guide you to the best choices on a variety of materials and products to keep your attendees talking. But, just in case you’re curious about what these fall events will be bringing to their eager guests, we’re sharing a quick cheat-sheet to help you hit the right mark. So we present to you the Rocca Guide to Cool Loot.


The Drawstring Bag = Winner

Rocca Loves Because: Lightweight, highly visible, handy dandy, and useful once the event is long gone.

Branding Tip: Produce in multiple colors and adorn with ginormous logo.

Recyclable Bottles Make the Environment and Parched Event Goers Happy

Rocca Loves Because: Cheap to print, provides ample logo space.

Branding Tip: Some vendors provide discounts for non-profit events.

Hand Fans are Literally Cool

Rocca Loves Because: Roomy enough for your mission statement, useful, thoughtful.

Branding Tip: Can serve double duty by adding bidder numbers to the back.

Hand Sanitizer Bottles Keep the Germy Masses at Bay

Rocca Loves Because: Goes home with attendees.

Branding Tip: Grab attention with a large, one-color logo.

About ready to get your party started? Let Rocca help your brand get some well-deserved buzz.