Clear the Runway! Cue the Cover Girls!

What do Gisele, Kate and Rocca Productions have in common? We’ve all got cover girl cred!

Advantages Magazine recently read some of our In The Bag blogs and thought we’d be a perfect company to feature in their cover story on professional promotions. Would we ever! They highlighted a campaign in which we sent Lucky CharmsĀ® cereal to all of our clients.


Showing appreciation is important to us at Rocca Productions, and when our clients responded at a 25% higher rate than the national average for our so-called direct mail campaign, it makes us think that they liked it too! Oh, and of course we sent these out on St. Patrick’s Day, just for a little added fun. Not bad for an unofficial holiday, eh lads and lassies?


Rocca takes great pride in our success stories and case studies, and we hope that they always provide you with ideas on creative and promotional experiences. But know that each time you come to Rocca, we look at the individual situation, audience, and strategy before unleashing ideas. We like to call ourselves the personal shoppers of branded promotional products…with the style, confidence, and flair to make a true “supermodel” out of your business.


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