Corporate Gifts a Holiday Crisis? Tips to Save Your Christmas Spirit

Cue the corporate gift holiday meltdowns! We see it every year. Like the site of an empty cranberry bin the night before Thanksgiving, you’re in a predicament with your company’s holiday gifts. Don’t worry! Here are Rocca’s three best Scrooge-saving tips.
Corporate Gifts on YOUR Timeline

No one mandates that corporate gifts must arrive before the end of the year. Instead of thanking someone for their business in 2016, wish them a fabulous 2017 and remind them that you look forward to another successful year together. Late December deliveries often wait on empty desks to be cleared off thoughtlessly as the recipient digs out from their vacation. Time pieces, organization tools and other “new beginning” gifts stand out well in celebrating the start of a new year.


Perish the Thought on Perishables!
We’re not talking about the proverbial fruitcake! However, adding a perishable item to your corporate gift allows for a later delivery date or even a home delivery. This tactic usually works best in limited quantiles, such as a top-tier VIPs, not a full contact list. Whether you need a custom cooler to go with that delectable brisket or a quick run of bar glasses for a hand-delivered bottle of scotch, let Rocca put some creative (but quick!) thoughts into how you can make a perishable gift last longer.

It Never Hurts to Ask!
While we can’t overtake the laws of physics or bribe members of the U.S. Postal Service, we’ve pulled some mighty big rabbits from our hats at Rocca. Give us a call and let’s see what may still be possible depending on the size of your list. You may need to calculate rush fees into your budget, but we’ve achieved the impossible in the past. Let’s talk!


If you’re in a corporate gift crisis, let Rocca rescue you from a blue Christmas. Put your trust in the hands of our talented elves and let’s create an inspired holiday miracle together!