Ho! Ho! Ho! The Countdown is On!

If you remember 2009 fondly as the year you wrestled (and bested) another holiday shopper for the last Zhu Zhu Pet in your entire county, pay no attention to this message. If you pride yourself on being the guy who “elongates the fun” by giving belated Christmas presents, read no further.


But to those who prefer sending their inner Christmas elf on sabbatical feeling accomplished, gratified and serene, we say: November 20.


November 20. Circled, highlighted and otherwise venerated on the Rocca calendar, the mere sight of that date puts our staff in the yuletide spirit. Why? November 20 is our recommended deadline for placing holiday orders.


Before your hasn’t-even-thought-about-Halloween self has a panic attack, remember that November 20 is still 7 weeks away. And then revel in the fact that our foresight will make your holidays less nerve-wracking and more cost effective.


That’s in part because production times increase after Thanksgiving, which means many smart Americans—those who know you have to get it while the getting’s good—are already shopping for that perfect thing.


In addition, couriers like UPS and FedEx will increase shipping rates by about eight percent in the weeks leading up to Christmas because masses of online shoppers are giving them way more work to do.


Finally, many vendors will already be out of inventory…BY DECEMBER! In an effort to save on year-end taxes, they stock up and sell down very early.


And so, the holiday countdown has already begun. Rocca is ready to help you find that perfect something—and we’ll do it without a wrestling match.


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