A New Degree of Fabulous

Here come the caps and gowns! Makes you a little nostalgic, doesn’t it? The graduation parties. The new opportunities. Translating that game-day enthusiasm into workday victories. Learning to “creatively” stretch those first paychecks! Before these graduates step foot on that ladder to success, help them with the tools they might need along the way. Rocca creates gifts with motivation, comfort and a little nostalgia for this class bravely heading out into the new economy!


A Stylish Reference
After years of a tighter economy, new-graduate hiring is on the rise. That means there’s a lot of interviewing going on out there! Whether you’re arming an entire honor society with subtle advertisements of their achievement, or giving an individual a visual edge, we have you — and their portfolios — covered. Personalized business accessories take graduates from dorm-room disasters to polished professionals. Send them to those interviews with sleek, personalized bags or cases to expertly present their work and greatest potential.


Warming Up To That Cold Cruel World
Sure, a graduate no longer needs a security blanket … unless it’s cashmere! Whether you choose to customize with a collegiate logo for the new alumni or a simple monogram, blankets and wraps provide years of use from interview travel to snuggling on the couch while saving on that first heating bill! A variety of colors assure you’ll capture their personality, while the easy-care prevents hassle and cleaning bills.


There’s No Place Like Home
If your graduate is leaving home for the bright lights, make sure they take something (preferably light and easily packed into a U-Haul) with them to ward off those homesick blues. If your graduates are Texans, handcrafted Jon Hart gifts displayed in their office (cube) or apartment (studio) keep Lone Star roots strong, even if they’re making their way in  the Big Apple. We can also source local vendors and artists across the country to make gifts truly represent home for any graduate.


Whether you’re looking to impart wisdom and wishes on a group of friends, an entire university club or your tenth-floor interns, Rocca moves your selections to the next level. Don’t forget, Rocca’s also your source for custom stoles for the big day. Whatever your need, Rocca helps you graduate to excellent gift giving!


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