Don’t Let the Holidays Drain You

It’s coming…darkness by 5:30 pm…packages tossed over fences and left by flooding rain gutters…that reach for a bottle of wine only to remember you panicked and took it to last week’s party…the dog throwing up tinsel…everywhere!


Yeah, remember the holidays – the most wonderful time of the year?


If you associate the holidays with fears like these instead of thoughts of peace, joy and goodwill toward men, you might be suffering from pre-holiday drain. Pre-holiday drain is a lingering condition from taking on too much in holidays past.


The cure? Rocca!


We not only alleviate your pre-holiday drain but keep you charging ahead all season long. By handling your organization’s gift needs from design to delivery, Rocca gives you back your high-watt holiday smile.


You provide us information about your seasonal gift giving – clients, donors, employees, supporters – and we’ll develop and execute a customized plan to dazzle you and your budget right back into the holiday spirit. From the softest cashmere to the latest electronics craze, Rocca has gifts to fit every need and style.


This year, recharge your jolly capacity and let Rocca’s team of elves turn your humbug holidays into a festive season.