Dream Big, Booth Builders

“If you build it, they will come.”


Wouldn’t it be great if trade shows were like Kevin Costner’s Field of Dreams? If they were, throngs of people would be all abuzz about every booth in the exhibit hall—it would be like a giant publicity pep rally!


The reality, though, is that it’s not enough to just show up with a stack of PR materials. While trade shows can provide a terrific opportunity to introduce your company to key audiences, pulling off a booth that attracts and amazes takes some concerted effort. So, what’s a savvy team to do—or don’t do? Just back from a trade show ourselves, the Rocca team is inspired to share some of our insight.



  • Determine your reason for being. Is your goal to create leads, raise awareness or build relationships.
  • Know your public. If you decide the show and audience are worthwhile, design an appropriate booth.
  • Send advance invitations asking key attendees to visit your booth.
  • Have a post-tradeshow plan, and connect with key contacts within 24 hours.



  • Show up without an elevator pitch.
  • Forget it’s all about the attendee. Find out their needs, and explain how you can help.
  • Let attendees leave without a swagadelic reminder of your company.
  • Lump all attendees together. Separate qualifying business cards from your pile.


For more tips on building a dreamy booth, contact us at 512.276.2270. If you do, who knows what magic might result?