Earth Day Every Day! Keep Green in Front of Consumers but Save Some Too!

It’s no secret that millennials attach brand loyalty to social responsibility and value-based products, especially green products. However, the majority of both Baby Boomers and Gen-X consumers now say they are also willing to sacrifice more (read: pay more or switch long-standing loyalties) to sustainable products and brands that believe in eco-friendly business. Corporate responsibility platforms no longer exist as just a subset of your marketing. For creditability, it must stay a foundation of all marketing efforts. Fortunately, Rocca keeps you true to Earth Day values all year.


Sustainably Soft Blankets

Going green feels pretty luxurious these days with a wide range of super soft bamboo blankets. Our recent inclusions of these cozy, conservation-minded show-stealers proved a huge hit for both The Texas Healthcare and Bioscience Institute and The Children’s Advocacy Centers of Texas. But don’t stop at blankets, bamboo also makes great scarves and clothing. Beyond producing a fabulous texture and comfort for those with wool or synthetic allergies, bamboo earns credibility for quick harvest regrowth. Bamboo also produces 40 percent more oxygen than a similar sized plants. Isn’t that a breath of fresh air?


Hydration Station Domination

From your gym to airports to school campuses, bottle-filling hydrations stations are now a permanent part of our eco-friendly landscape. Why not see your branded products just as frequently? The high environmental – not to mention personal budget – costs of plastic water bottles made insulated reusable bottles consumer must-haves. From the ever-popular S’well to multiple brands of equally effective thermal bottles, you can brand a piece of corporate consciousness. The demand and increased competition also quickly made pricing more competitive. Cut down on waste and BPA risks while enjoying the refreshing taste of marketing success.


There’s A Reason Polyester Didn’t Last
Disco jokes aside, the environmental impacts of polyester production only added to the fact that it just didn’t look good or feel good touching your skin. However, today’s custom clothing items go a long way from just breathable, natural cotton. Throw away (or recycle, we should say!) your old ideas of ugly, scratchy hippie clothing. Bamboo, hemp and linen are recognizable choices in the growing options in sustainable high style. We currently adore products from Ecocentric’s Kastifel lifestyle-wear line. Look good, feel good, do good with your next custom clothing order!


Corporate Responsibility – It’s in the Bag!
Don’t forget your packaging details. A recent survey by Asia Pulp and Paper found that more than half of Americans want sustainable options for paper and packaging. It also shows that close to half in the U.S. are already willing to pay more for this packaging. This translates to eyes on you, your products and how they are packaged as well. Consider reusable branded shopping bags for a presentation that not only reduces paper waste, but gives legs to your visibility.


Green continues to grow in the personalized product industry. Luckily, quality increased while prices stabilized or dropped, giving you more choices than ever. Rocca keeps up on the latest products that stay evergreen in consumers’ minds while keeping you on budget. That’s stress conservation for you!