The Rocca Difference

Elves: A Cost-Benefit Analysis

So you’re worried that jingling isn’t sleigh bells, but the limited change you have for client and employee gifts this year? Rocca is up to that challenge!


Many people worry tight budgets make a service like ours an unaffordable luxury. Today we’re providing a little Elf 101 on how working with Rocca actually saves you an average of 40 percent more than direct-order purchases.


Vendors Covet Long-Term Gains
While you may only purchase branded products or gifts occasionally, it’s Rocca’s business 365 days a year. We hold greater negotiating power with vendors because they realize working with Rocca can lead to a long-term relationship, not just a brief flirtation. Therefore, your bottom-line benefits from vendors courting us.


It’s Not Our First Rodeo
We know the ins and outs of this business, from spotting inflated prices to managing shipping efficiencies. We possess a fine-tuned too good to be true radar and are familiar with the quality-control standards for each item, which means you won’t get stuck replacing peeling logos while everyone else sips eggnog this year.


Making the Most of Shorter Days
Whether science backs us up or not, hours seem to fly faster before the holidays. Ordering merchandise is most likely only one item on your growing to-do list. Letting Rocca search for gifts, process orders, double-check and approve your artwork, deal with vendor questions, and track deliveries returns your time to other end-of-year tasks. Your productivity goes up while your stress declines.


Rocca not only finds unique items tailored to your brand and audience, but we satisfy tight budgets to make any Scrooge proud. In this economy, we may just be the holiday miracle you need.


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