Embroidery: From Fashion Week to Branded Chic

Embroidery defiantly made its mark on New York Fashion Week this fall, as labels like Brock, Cinq à Sep, Desigual, WHIT and others made it a central part of their spring 2017 collections. From embroidered trims to intricate designs, the niche needlework is definitely hot again. But why should the Wintours of the world have all the fun? Rocca can help you explore the possibilities of embroidery in your custom apparel and branded products.


Think Beyond the Polo
The branded polo seems to be everyone’s first instinct with embroidery. And, while these timeless shirts always have their place, there are a plethora of other unique logo apparel. Custom headbands, quilted puffer vests, long cardigans, athleisure and workout gear always find welcoming recipients. Also, don’t limit embroidery to the clothes closet. Items like bags, blankets and even yoga mats become fabulous – and somewhat unexpected – places to display custom artwork for your event or brand promotion.


Affordable Customization
Many shy away from embroidery due to outdated concerns about price. In reality, the digital age brought embroidery into an affordable range for many projects. This proves especially true for smaller quantity orders, when screen printing set-up costs make embroidery the most economical cost-per-piece option. Also, embroidery is the best imprint method for multi-color artwork as there is no spike in price for additional colors.


Dream Your Design
Real estate can be tricky with embroidery. While natural placement areas exist, engage your audience with creative lines of sight. From cuffs and bottom hems to lower shoulder blades, explore other embroidery areas that call attention in a subtle way. Tone-on-tone color pallets also make sure your branded apparel is worn instead of left hanging in the closet.


Embroidery straddles the world of high fashion and high-impact marketing. Let the experts at Rocca create some embroidered couture that highlights your brand strategy. They may not sashay down the runway, but they’ll always receive rave reviews.