These Are A Few of Our Favorite Things …

You know the holidays have arrived when you receive those thick, mailed catalogs to be searched, dog-eared and starred. We’re keeping that holiday tradition alive in the digital age by sharing some of Rocca’s favorite holiday products for 2011.



Coffee Table Books
Put yourself on display with a limited edition of personalized books relating to your industry. Have a lot of college football fans on your list? How about a history of conferences or popular teams? Legislative clients? A beautiful tour of the statehouse or our national monuments begs for display. Whatever subject you choose, recipients realize the attention is on them with personalized greetings.




King Pads
Take note! This isn’t your run-of-the-mill Post-it pad. These stylish holders stand far above normal promotional paper items. Feature either your logo or the recipient’s monogram on leather, available in colors to fit your needs. Want to stay top-of-mind throughout the year? Complete your order with custom page inserts.




iPad Covers
It’s topping wish lists again this year – the iPad. From the looks of boardrooms, airports and coffee shops, everyone else already has one! Pair this popular purchase with a custom iPad cover for employees or clients. Choose from a variety of colors and watch as your company’s brand shines brighter than any other holiday adornment.




Etched Barware
Yep, this economy makes everyone long for a good, stiff drink. Make sure your brand is within arm’s reach and serving with style. Mad Men has everyone in a retro craze, and etched barware fits perfectly with the classically chic (should this be …with this classically chic style.). We have many personalization options for monograms and logos to keep production flowing and your budget from hitting the rocks.




This luxurious but durable fabric is a winner for stadium trips and a staple of the polished jet setter. Check out travel packages, which include easy-to-pack blankets, pillows and eye masks. Monogramming and subtle logo placement guarantee warm thoughts throughout the year.



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