Fresh Beginnings …

John Galsworthy said, “Beginnings are always messy.” No offense to the late Nobel Prize recipient, but we couldn’t disagree more! Only days away, we’re looking at the New Year as a great time to get clean and tidy. If the thought of organizing already gives you the 2012 blues, consider these time and frustration savers from your pals at Rocca.




Staying Plugged In and Sane Being “plugged in” these days seems to make our desks more “plugged filled” when constantly charging multiple smartphones, laptops and accessories. Keep your technology tidy by utilizing personalized charging stations for your team. Not only will you create more space, but with a consistent home for each item, you’ll reduce the number of lost phone searches throughout the office.





When You’re On the Go … So Is Your Office Traveling not only takes you out of your comfort zone, but also your supply zone. Handy, travel-sized office-on-the-go companions serve as productivity insurance policies, containing a last-minute highlighter or staples whether you’re down the street or half a day away. Order now, so your team is prepared for 2012 and not frantically looking for a paper clip or tape during this spring’s conference.



Love Your Lists It’s on every organizational guru’s list — write down what you need to do and check it often. But no one likes staring down a desk filled with scraps of paper and lunch napkin notes. Customize stylish Post-It pads with your logo or employees’ names and give each reminder a sense of belonging. These customizable pads are a great pick-me-up for employee desks and also outstanding client outreach.   Consider a tidy tiding to the New Year by clearing the clutter. Now that’s something to celebrate!



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