Giving Thanks

Boy, are we in a thankful mood! Not only do we have our national day of thanks coming up, but this week also marks the one-year anniversary of Rocca Productions’ blog. To celebrate, we’re going back to our Thanksgiving roots. So today we present— just as you might have done in the third grade —our Thanksgiving acrostic.


T  —Oh, Texas! Sure, all Texans are known to be a bit proud of their state, and Rocca Productions is no different. We’re thankful to operate in a healthy business environment with low operational costs and a cornucopia of local vendors that allow us to pass along savings.


H — Heat. Yeah, we’re thankful it’s gone! Bring on the apple cider!


A — Artists. We’re thankful for the new artists and craftsmen we discover every day. At Rocca, we know personalized products don’t have to come in the form of mass-produced plastic from China. We adore those small-business individuals who produce creative products, from metal workers to leathersmiths.


N — Networks — our social networks, that is! We’re thankful for the new friends we’ve gained with our Facebook contests this year. If you’re on Facebook, follow us for more exciting contests and giveaways. This month also marks our Twitter debut, so follow us at @RoccaProduction!


K — Knowledge. We know that knowledge is power! In our second year of business, Rocca is thankful to be expanding our team bringing even more creative specialists on board — each one well versed in their own specialty niche.


S — Selection. The vast selection of our vendor relationships gives us the ability to make sure you always get a fresh perspective and exactly what you are looking for to achieve your marketing goals.


We appreciate our clients for recognizing that Rocca seeks to innovate the promotional products category and trusting us to infuse marketing strategy and cost innovation. We’ve been thrilled to share in our clients’ success stories and look forward to many more in the years ahead. At Rocca Productions, we’re thankful for you.


We wish you all a safe holiday, surrounded by family, friends and thoughts of thankfulness.


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