Does it Really Work?

Motivating Gold Medal Performance

Go for the Gold! Winning at Employee Motivation

Motivation is on our minds as we watch the Summer Olympics. After all, why do we cheer for unknown athletes in sports we didn’t even realize existed? (We’re looking at you, race walking!) People naturally love to see those who work tirelessly rewarded for their efforts as they near success. If you’ve been motivated by this parade of athletic excellence, channel it into inspiration for rewarding merit within your own talented team.


A winning employee motivation campaign nourishes the natural draw to rewards and encouragement. These incentives boost employee engagement, and that engagement can influence your bottom line. According to a Gallup survey, companies with high employee engagement enjoy 27 percent higher profits, 50 percent higher sales, 50 percent higher customer loyalty and a whopping 155 percent higher stock return.


So what type of employee recognition will produce gold medal performance for your company? Be it desktop awards or incentive trip themed swag, our knowledge of reward structures and inspiring products allows us to steer you in the right direction, no matter what your need or industry. Rocca has executed custom employee motivation programs that recognize everything from insurance sales goals to transportation safety benchmarks to healthcare certification achievements.


While the Olympics may come and go every four years, we encourage frequency and consistency with your employees’ moments of glory. According to the Incentive Research Foundation, incentive programs running for even a week or less received a 20 percent bounce in employee performance. Those running a program for six months experienced a 30 percent increase, while programs running for a year or more enjoyed an astounding 44 percent growth.


Ensure your employee performance lands a spot on the winners’ podium with a thoughtfully crafted incentive program. While those Olympic medals and snazzy tracksuits may work well with athletes, Rocca designs programs that keep your employees fine-tuning their skills and training to be their best.