The Rocca Difference

There Are No Hanging Chads in Branding

There’s definitely a whiff of elections in the air! Though Austin streets are quiet during this off year for the Texas Legislature, we know the wheels of government are turning, ideas are flowing, and hands are shaking out there. As the sister-company of a public affairs consultancy, Rocca Productions stands well-versed and ready to assist in the special needs of legislative and political work. Here are just a few advantages to politicking with Rocca!


Conference with Confidence
Whether you’re headed off to NCSL, SLC, or ALEC, we know how to TCB (take care of business!). From legislator gift bags to outfitting your hospitality suite or providing welcome gifts, Rocca holds extensive background in legislative conferences. We know what’s in, what’s out, and what will be left for hotel housekeeping. Stand out in this year’s crowd by roccin’ a fresh approach.


Avoiding Awkward Awards
Many Texas organizations choose the clearer calendars of non-legislative years for honoring lawmakers. Let’s be honest, the standard brass plaque and paperweight are so Ford Administration! Awards should do more than hang on a wall with dozens of similar styles. Rocca selects gifts that beg for use and display so the message of your members’ support is active, not passive. Let Rocca search for the right look that honors commitment, but awards it with style.


Not Even Redford Could Loosen These Lips
Bottom line: we know many of these decisions are sensitive and require the utmost discretion. While we always have our ears on the ground and do our competitive research, you know you’re working with seasoned, discrete pros with your Rocca team. Purchases and budgets fall within mute lips and there’s no worrying about anonymous sources and word about town.


So batten down the hatches and position your PACs, members, and supporters. With Rocca on board, you can navigate the choppy political seas with grace and ease.


Rocca Productions — Bold Your Reputation