Happy Birthday, Rocca! No Seven-Year Itch Here!

Because we never shy away from a shout-out or a great piece of cake: It’s our birthday at Rocca! Yes, we’re seven – SEVEN! – years old this month. But before you pull out those lucky number seven comments or seven-year-itch clichés, we’ve got to say a lot of hard work, not luck contributed to this business born during a global recession. And don’t even think we’re slowing down or getting bored –  we’re just hitting our stride! Maybe we’re aging in dog years?


You might recall that founder Jennifer Stevens formed Rocca more from necessity than spontaneous desire. Her own disappointment in the quality and customer service of the promotional products industry forced us to build that proverbial better mousetrap. So it comes naturally for us to reinvent the wheel. Heck, we seek every day to reinvent the industry! We love sharing our skills and experience to troubleshoot and make the process easier for our clients. They’ve returned the favor over and over again with their excellent referrals, helping us grow organically to the company we are today!


Part of the reason, we’ll never tire of our job is that we’re also always looking for the next big thing. Sure, we take care of those promotional product standards like pens and koozies while saving you money and irritation, but we’re so much more! Whether we’re going to market or searching the latest trends online, we’re all about looking ahead and keeping it fresh. From custom lego sets to hangover kits tailor-made for your celebrations, we’re always thinking of creative, innovative ways to keep your brand and audience engaged.


That’s also why we’re also launching a great new way to approach your holiday gift this year with Rocca PrimeTime. We’ll unveil this exciting new program later this month and are thrilled to offer a new opportunity to save you both time and money on your end-of-year gifts. Stay tuned!


We’re not blinking, pausing or even taking a breath. The wind remains at our back with great client relationships, a bevy of brand licenses and a team that makes it easy to love what we do every day. Thank you for being part of this exhilarating journey with us!
Bring on the cake and year number eight!