Happy Birthday to Us!

Rocca is two! Although two-year-olds tend to earn a pretty bad reputation, we feel this is an excellent age for a company just starting to hit their stride. We like to say that we are actually two in dog years. Let’s take a look at some of the areas where we’ve grown.


Aging means learning from experiences – and boy, have we ever! While we already knew left from right and right from wrong, these past years taught us some incredibly valuable lessons.


We vow to never again take a bag full of candle snuffers through airport security (Hello, special TSA greeting!) and always check if batteries recharge before spending 30 minutes trying to pry a remote control race car apart. But all of our lessons in knowledge Рand a generous helping of truly I Love Lucy-esque moments Рallow us to pass on best practices to our clients.


We’re always willing to look a little harder and search one more place to see what opportunities for presentation and savings exist. We know you don’t have time to search far and wide, so let us put our unquenchable examination and exploration skills into action for you.Part of the FamilyAt Rocca, we’re proud so many of you brought us into the fold during the past two years, and that we’ve become an automatic phone call when you demand experience and excellent service.


We feel honored working as a team partner with some of the greatest minds in business and philanthropy. Building the trust and personal knowledge of your business lineup becomes our greatest gift, and our constant wish as we blow out the candles.


For Rocca, it’s a happy birthday indeed, and we look forward to working with each of you as the candle glow increases.


Rocca Productions – Bold Your Reputation.