Haul Out The Holly!

Holiday business gifts often take on the bad reputation of “that” box under your childhood tree. You remember the festively wrapped but disappointing socks, don’t you? We know you’re still enjoying your summer, but your Rocca elves want to save you from the boring-gift reputation this year. We’re adjusting our hats and tinsel to let you know that now is the best time to get down to some serious Yuletide business!


All I Want for Christmas …
Who wants the last egg slicer on the empty Christmas Eve shelves? Early planning allows time to search out unique and truly desirable offerings. When vendors aren’t pressed for time or stacked with orders, they’re more likely to entertain custom modifications or waive fees. This allows Rocca to negotiate for gift perfection and the bottom-line of your holiday dreams.


What Came After Pipers’ Piping?
By the second week of December, you may find your gift lost among the crowds of generosity. Early planning allows your expression of thoughtfulness to arrive early and stand out in the season. Wait too long and your gift falls in a line as long as Santa’s in a shopping mall.


Need A Little Christmas NOW!
ASAP is an extremely undesirable term during the holiday season. Limited selections prove disappointing, but those rush fees can become downright painful to your end-of-the-year budget. Planning ahead always lands you on accounting’s “nice” list.


But don’t feel you have to exchange that lemonade for eggnog just yet. When you’re working with Rocca, we take on the holiday legwork during the days of summer sunshine. (As Texans we’re used to holidays in the heat!) Let us work for you now, so this holiday you can dreamily gaze at a shimmering tree and a completed to-do list!