How Sweet It Is

We’re talking about custom candy this week. And, before you ask, the timing has absolutely nothing to do with that bag of trick-or-treat rich chocolate, creamy caramel, crunchy goodness that MUST NOT BE OPENED until Halloween night.


Custom Candy = Customer Cravings
The mouthwatering custom candy craze exploded in social events a few years back. We saw everything from wedding monograms to graduation dates printed on hard candy shells. But did you know that custom candy provides a great business tool that melts in your mouth and not in your hand?


Marketers need to think past logos printed on M&Ms and jelly beans, because today’s technology allows you to create everything from branded lollipop bouquets to gourmet truffles and everything in between. Rocca can source an imaginative array of engaging and unique flavors from chile-infused chocolates to bananas Foster pralines and even caramels finished with a craft beer reduction!


The Perks of Packaging
Skeptics may argue that candy is short-lived and quickly forgotten. Enter candy dispensers and custom containers. Branded packaging not only gives your promotion a higher level of credibility, it stretches the staying power of your brand well beyond that last bite.


Custom packaging also opens up the door to more exclusive treats. Heading to a conference in an area known for its community confections? Rocca will deliver cartons and baskets filled with local treats to your VIPs on site. Now that’s a pretty sweet deal.


Sweeten Up the Holidays
And ready or not, the holidays are coming! Forget the Mad Men-era fruitcakes. Give something your audience will actually be excited to sink their teeth in. Popcorn flavors no longer stop at butter, caramel and cheddar. Those sticky hands reach the bottom of the tin all too quickly with fluffy kernels of apple strudel, pumpkin pie and s’mores. Nostalgia abounds with frosted shortbread spice cookies. And branded travel mugs filled with hot chocolate will warm even the coldest of hands.


Custom candy adds some sweetness to your marketing efforts so let Rocca give your next outreach a branded sugar rush. Now, surely no one would miss one chocolate from that bag, right?