Introducing ‘In The Bag’

For two years, Rocca has blogged about timely topics we feel deserve some attention. Now we’ve officially named our blog to reflect who we are and what we do … So, welcome to In The Bag, the official blog of Rocca Productions, bringing you all types of goodies, favors, and must have essentials.


Here at Rocca, we love all types of bags, whether they’re monogrammed canvas or made of recycled paper. We’ve even been known to drool at a nice Louis Vuitton on occasion. The point is, we found our blog has a lot in common with the bags we love.


A bag is a solution center with shoulder straps. Where do you look when you need a Band Aid for a fresh cut – In The Bag. Where do you find all the little things you need to get you from Point A to Point B – In The Bag. So, when you find yourself searching for a solution to a project, we invite you to let our blog become a resource. Comb through our archives. Maybe the muse you’ve been looking for all along will be In The Bag!


At Rocca, we fill our bags with everything from meeting agendas to samples to giveaway goodies. We work to pack this blog with professional tips you might be missing.


We hope our blog carries the perfect amount of style and sass to break up your day. In fact, after reading our blog, Advantages Magazine featured us in their recent cover story… but more about that exciting news next time!


In The Bag… conveying ease, taste, and the resources to make your job easier. Because when you work with Rocca, you’re lockstep with a team of pros that tie up all of your loose ends and allow you to say your finished projects are always ‘In The Bag!’