Introducing Rocca PrimeTime for Holiday 2017

Understandably, you’re more concerned these days with the ice melting in your drink than Jack Frost nipping at your nose. Surprise! Holiday gift planning season is now upon us. Wait! Don’t stop reading! We have big news! Whether you’re a methodical plotter or fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants, last-minute shopper, Rocca can make holiday 2017 easier for you! We’re introducing a new program that helps you set both your schedule and expectations for custom holiday gifts: Rocca PrimeTime. With four distinct periods of shopping, you’ll know how to best plan your holiday cheer.


Rocca PrimeTime
Orders Placed Between Aug. 1 and Sept. 29

You deserve a reward for getting an early start on your holiday gifts, and we’re just the ones to give it to you! Starting your gift process early not only allows more time for creativity, but it also offers you the best selection, more customization options and most economical shipping. Don’t worry that you won’t feel inspired or “in the mood” yet. This summer, Rocca is releasing our own “Holiday LookBook,”, encompassing some of the hottest items on the market this year. It’s a grown-up, high-tech version of those old holiday Wish Books! And, to reward your preparation in ordering during Rocca PrimeTime, your Rocca team will send you a special thank you gift-just for you!


Rocca Traditional Shopping
Orders Placed Between Oct. 1 and Nov. 24
Our traditional shopping period offers a variety of items and can accommodate basic customization and special requests, depending on the item and order date. Standard shipping rates apply, and you’re still ahead of game, ready to enjoy a stress-free holiday.


Rocca Rush
Orders Placed Between Nov. 27 and Dec. 8

During the Rocca Rush period, you can select from a number of preselected items and customization options from vendors Rocca trusts to deliver prior to the holidays. Procrastination doesn’t pay, so rush shipping charges may apply for holiday delivery.


Rocca Plan B
Orders Placed Between Dec. 11 and Dec. 21
While we can’t guarantee delivery of any holiday orders during this period, Rocca’s creativity really kicks in here. So you missed the holidays … don’t miss out on the goodwill! How about January delivery of a New Year’s toast with custom wine glasses or fitness equipment to help with those 2018 resolutions? We’ll help you recover from holiday stress gracefully. It’s the ultimate, “I meant to do that!”


So go back to your air-conditioned comfort of summer. Rocca’s already working to pre-empt holiday stress. Join us next month in our Rocca PrimeTime period and your holiday shopping is literally in the bag before your first pumpkin spiced latte! Merry Summertime, y’all!