Let the (Branded) Games Begin!

Summer and fun seem to go hand-in-hand, but branded games can spread that upbeat feeling throughout the year. From fabulous theme products coordinating with events to those top-of-mind items just for the fun of it, games and sports provide an enthusiast and innovative boost to your brand. What’s more, these items stay evergreen, meaning they increase their ROI year after year.


Branded Products for Sports Fans

Whether your target audience can’t wait for MLB opening day or fret tirelessly over their NCAA tournament brackets, sporting goods always gain notice with timely references. From mini basketball hoops and branded tennis balls to autographed collectibles, keep those sporty fans appreciating your imaginative style. These items also make fabulous event additions. When NFL legend Rolf Benirschke spoke to a crowd on patient protections, our client could have let the crowd leave only with his incredible story. Instead, we provided keepsake autographed footballs from the Pro-Bowl legend, branded with our client’s logo. This extended the life of the message every time the collectible footballs were viewed.


Games Aren’t Only for the Pros

If you think you need a star athlete to fulfill this strategy, let us stop you right there. All you need for the win column is a great product and competitive spirit. We’ve created custom dominos for corporate clients. From Monopoly® boards to washers, clever integration of your brand allows you to integrate marketing in unexpected areas of your audience’s life. Need a sure win for new business development? Let Rocca build upon your plans with a custom Jenga® set. No one can keep their hands off that one!


Unexpected Victories

One of our favorite tactics is introducing fun and games in some of the most unexpected places. Just because your product has an element of whimsy doesn’t mean it won’t fit in with serious business. As AT&T geared up for an intense legislative session, we created a Capitol-themed washer game. Legislators and their staff often have long days and nights during session. We received great feedback from happy staffers who were able to blow off a little steam with the washer game on particularly grueling days. For a Lockheed Martin jet launch, we created special building block sets. Sometimes, a fun touch helps you refocus on the big picture.


The possibilities for entertaining, creative ties seem absolutely endless when you play with Rocca on your team. Don’t allow your branded products to fall into a predictable rut. Add some fun to keep your audience enthusiastically playing along all year!