The Rocca Difference

Make New Friends But Keep The Old

Holy branded products, Batman, Rocca is getting a face lift! And sadly, our blog got just about as much coverage as poor Robin’s legs as we’ve been preparing to debut our new look these last few months.


With a successful business, why pause to update our look?   Many businesses get so caught up with landing new customers they forget to show the love to existing ones. It’s an expensive mistake, because cultivating a new customer can cost up to nine times more than keeping one in the fold.  We heard from you, our customers and friends, that it was time for Rocca to go to the next level and so we did just that!


At Rocca, we understand it’s easier to expand your scope of work with a current client who knows and loves you than it is to convince a new one you’re totally awesome. With that in mind, we’d like to suggest a few ways to keep existing customers feeling cherished:


  • Recruit customers for your customers. When they are successful, you are successful!
  • Host a customer appreciation event. Don’t forget creative invitations and great swag!
  • Recognize customer birthdays. Make their day!
  • Survey customer satisfaction—and act on the feedback. That’s what we just did!
  • Utilize Rocca’s client retention program, which reminds you to reach out to clients regularly. Yes, there’s an app for that!

When it comes to business development, client retention should be number one on your list as there are rad rewards for those who do it right.