Military Support and Recognition Gifts Made Easy

We take military support very seriously at Rocca. Our CEO and founder Jennifer Steven’s brother is a U.S. Army officer and Ranger, so this team knows a lot about our military families’ sacrifice … and how to pack a fabulous care package! We also know that brands – and at times individuals – walk a fine line between expressing sincere military pride and appearing to go through the motions of “what is expected.” At Rocca, we encourage all those planning military pride campaigns and offer tips to help get your team rolling.


Military Support Items

Sincere, non-self-serving, military support is always welcome in any form. From a heartfelt thank you to an organized recognition effort. We congratulate you if your brand looks to show appreciation to active duty, guard members and veterans.


Our most important rule of thumb is making certain your outreach is truly focused on the service members and not on you or your brand. If your outreach includes selecting material items, look at what military members can truly use, whether it’s your product or not. Active gear and recreational items are always a big hit. As well, spouse gifts and spouse support efforts should revolve around elements that help keep families close and ease day-to-day needs, especially during long deployments.


One of the best ways to support our military may be right before you every day. As thousands who have served now work among us, is there something you can do to make their transition easier while acknowledging their service? For years now, Rocca and numerous Texas colleges and universities worked together to launch a graduation recognition program using camouflage graduation stoles that active duty and vets can wear with pride when receiving their degrees. This allows the service member and their families to feel special and gives others the opportunity to acknowledge their service.


Finally, if you’re looking to start a military support program, our best advice is to get veterans involved to help guide your efforts. Build a team or task force to help. Because, when it comes down to it … shouldn’t every day be Veteran’s Day?


From all of us at Rocca, we say thank you to our active duty military and veterans here and across the globe.