No Sweat – Make A Hit by Getting Fit!

With rising obesity and health care costs, that old apple a day gem just doesn’t cut it anymore. The number of small- and mid-sized businesses taking part in weight management and wellness programs jumped 25 percent in 2010. When participating in these programs, 38 percent of employees said they increased productivity, 28 percent reported they were absent less frequently and almost 50 percent claimed the program increased their company loyalty.

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Ready to lace ‘em up and get started?


Whether your company offers incentives, passes out pedometers or holds classes right in the office, don’t forget Rocca in your planning. We’ll help your brand work harder than a 6 a.m. spinning class next to a bakery!


How about personalized yoga mats? With every downward facing dog, they’ll reach a Zen-like state remembering how much their employer cares.


Have some future Rockys needing to blow off some steam? Let us customize jump ropes complete with calorie-burn calculators to keep them light on their feet.


Contact us today for more ideas on how to keep your workforce – and brand – in top shape this year!


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