By The Numbers …

The close of this year most likely marks the close of a long, tedious budgeting process for the coming year. After months of back-and-forth on your marketing numbers, totals for 2012 may only now be jelling like your great-aunt’s holiday fruitcake. As you polish your final predictions, we encourage you to consider a few more numbers from the Advertising Specialty Institute’s global research.


  • 83 percent of U.S. consumers can readily identify advertisers from which they own promotional products.
  • Nearly one half of consumers report a more favorable opinion of companies after receiving a promotional product.
  • On average, these promotional products cost $.005 per impression. That’s three times less than a prime-time television spot.


One of the greatest advantages of promotional products is your ability to target meticulously. Your branded outreach goes specifically to desired audiences who see and touch your efforts instead of walking by or clicking past.


So give some thought to placing promotional products on your spreadsheets and in your customers’ hands. The move might just result in a larger pie to carve from for 2013.


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