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Out of the Office … Still in the Game

Their economy might be hitting the skids, but those Europeans sure know how to leave work behind on a four-week holiday. Unfortunately, this is not an American reality, as our modern time on the clock  — and the accompanying emails, voice messages and team questions — never seem to vacation. However, Rocca knows tips for creating a more seamless exit strategy in our plugged-in world. Whether your calendar is packed with vacation alerts, work conventions or group activities, here are a few ideas to help you prepare for your time outside the office.


Who’s In Charge? You Are!
Ever get off a plane to see a slew of emails and a low-charge warning on your smart phone? Have no fear. With AA-battery mobile phone chargers, your team can always stay in touch on the go — meaning no more dead phone excuses. If only we could do something about those reception issues on the beach …


Let Them See Your Team Among the Crowds
Avoid looking like part of the nametag herd. Whether your company is heading off to industry conferences, workshops or making a splash at this year’s political conventions, pass out custom lanyards to identify your team among the crowds. Rocca sources lanyards in a variety of colors and even shimmering textures so your group becomes a known entity anywhere.


Keeping Important Points At Hand
Finding your thumbs overworked when on the go with your tablets, smartphones or GPS?” Constantly fumbling for a pen at the last minute? Let Rocca take care of two problems at once with customizable Touchwrite stylus pens. The stylus saves you from going astray (and annoyingly opening the wrong windows or apps!) in tight spaces. A small twist turns the stylus into a pen for signing those travel receipts.


Smart companies prepare for corporate travel and out-of-office procedures before the last-minute scramble out the door. If you need more help finding organizational items for your team, give Rocca a call and leave with ease!