Opening the Door… to Graphics Sanity

Did you know that Rocca’s Supply Closet features quick, easy-to-understand tutorials on graphic design shortcuts and commonly-used software programs like Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign?


Rocca understands that many of our clients don’t work in design programs all that frequently, so, we’ve got everything you might need to perform an occasional design task without it robbing hours from the rest of your day. Don’t surrender to endless online searches or frantic calls to that grouchy IT guy – just go to Rocca’s handy, 24-7 Supply Closet when you need help.


Need to change a font or reverse a logo? Trying to figure out what in the heck CMYK stands for? Unlike so many impersonal vendor help-lines, Rocca wants to provide true customer service to you, including support when things just don’t make sense. You can always use our online Supply Closet or call us when you have a question, and someone will personally help you find the solution.


When working with Rocca, the only thing y’all will have to decipher is our Texas accents!