Pivot to the Personal

If you don’t pay attention to any marketing buzzwords this year, pay attention to this one…PERSONALIZATION!


Everything from online shopping and social media to couponing is now customized and has evolved into a customer expectation rather than a perk. Why, you ask, is it always me, me, me?!


Because personalized marketing works!  It drives sales.  In fact, according to one Adobe Executive, switching from audience generic messages to personalized communication increases revenue 50-150%.


Promotional products are not an exception; they are an extension of your brand. To stand out among the crowd, you must foster a personalized brand experience by selecting items that are specific to your clients’ interests and behaviors.


Pay Attention to the Small Stuff
Cut through the clutter of pens and mugs and dig a little deeper. When you gift your client with a divot tool because you discovered their love of golf or a passport holder because you remembered their upcoming travel plans, your customers will begin to see you as a partner and not just a business contact.


Adapt in Real Time
As trends change, so do your clients. Stay on top of your customers’ tastes to avoid static gift giving. Social media is a fantastic tool for discovering your client’s interests, but don’t forget good ‘ol face to face conversations and regular phone calls.


To get your personalized promotion strategy started, turn to the experts at Rocca.