Q: What information do you need to start my project?

We promise, you won’t get time out if you’re missing a piece of information. We deal with lots of pressured circumstances. For the smoothest workflow on any timeline, it’s always best to start the process by providing us with four tidbits of info.

Target Audience
Let’s dig a little deeper. Sure, it’s a trade show audience, but have they had previous exposure to your brand? Do you feel many hold previous loyalties to another product? If you’re talking about employees, let’s discuss current morale. Is the program an extra incentive, or a critical activity combating a competitor’s recruitment?

Are you looking to blanket or convey exclusivity? Know what your price breaks are and if the ability to garner additional products under a similar budget is worthwhile or wasteful. Don’t rule out items simply because you do not meet their minimum order quantities (MOQs). Many sources allow smaller quantities for a fee that still keeps you within budget.

Think not only about the color product you find personally appealing but what will work with your logo or organization’s colors. Sure, opaque black glassware looks chic, but if your logo is bright aqua geometric elements, it could look like a remnant from an 80’s TV show. Do you have a specific PMS color for your company’s brand or a family of colors available?

Is this a one-time run or something you see as an on-going project or theme? It’s always better to decide in advance so you can weigh future options and expansion.