Reverence and Respect

Today, in this space where we usually share tips and products with our clients, we instead offer a Memorial Day tribute. Almost 90 years ago … long before the battles of our most recent memory … President Calvin Coolidge delivered these poignant words.


Our country does not want war. It wants peace. It has not decreed this memorial season as an honor to war, with its terrible waste and attendant train of suffering and hardship, which reaches onward into the years of peace.


Yet war is not the worst of evils, and these days have been set apart to do honor to all those, now gone, who made the cause of America their supreme choice.


Some fell with the word of Patrick Henry, “Give me liberty, or give me death,” almost ringing in their ears. Some heard that word across the intervening generations and were still obedient to its call.


It is to the spirit of those men, exhibited in all our wars, to the spirit that places the devotion to freedom and truth above the devotion to life, that the nation pays its ever-enduring mark of reverence and respect.


Our own reverence and respect for the nation’s military runs deep and personal at Rocca. Many here have relationships with those who currently serve or offered their service in the past. Others simply understand our daily freedoms emerge from the toil of our armed forces. Our company’s founder Jennifer Stevens directly knows the stress and sacrifice of nation’s military families through the multiple deployments of her brother and West Point graduate Major Jim Horn, an Army-certified Airborne Ranger Jumpmaster, who once again leaves for Afghanistan in July.


We offer our gratitude today and every day for those who sacrifice, and wish you all a safe Memorial Day weekend