Rocca is 3!

We love an excuse to get our groove on and have done plenty of celebrating as Rocca just turned 3! Like any three year old, Rocca is a creative little rascal, into building friendships and exploring the world.


Color Outside the Lines
Rocca recharges creativity!  One recent flair-filled project was an invitation to a Circuit of the Americas Tour, which we customized on a license plate and sent with a race car replica. All the cool kids approved.


Nurture Leads to Growth
Like wee ones seeking parental approval, Rocca is happy when our clients are happy. From learning brand guidelines to sourcing the right products, we are all about nurturing relationships into long-term partnerships.


Quest for Cool
Rocca is always on the lookout for fresh ways to bring your brand to life, so we are pleased as a preschooler with his first can of Play-Doh when we discover new, hip vendors.  We are always on the search for you!


Thanks for being one of our biggest reasons to celebrate our birthday. We look forward to another great year ahead!