The Rocca Difference

Why Rocca Feels Passion For Fashion

Let’s see, almond, avocado, oatmeal, mint and … houndstooth!


Nope, we’re not cooking at Rocca, but we’re certainly watching them stir the pot. We’re combing through the results of New York’s Fashion Week, and it has nothing to do with our closets but everything to do with you — our clients!


While you’ll encounter few people strutting to the break room in couture, trends spawned off Fashion Week — especially those dealing with colors and textures — filter down to items such as house paint, appliances and office supplies. It can also affect the sizes and shapes of everything from computer bags to sunglasses. With the explosion of Pinterest, the social media pinboard (hitting 11.7 million unique visitors in January), we’re bracing to see fashion-inspired trends spread like never before … and we’re ready.


We know you don’t have time to follow fashion innovations, but at Rocca, we make it part of our job. We look ahead to see what items carry a classic connection and what will be momentary trends. It’s not only our job to keep you looking up-to-date, but we also maintain your brand’s integrity within the folds of changing times. You don’t want to be the guy at the next tradeshow handing out the country-blue mouse pads, do you?


But while we’re ready to keep your brand in vogue, we thought we’d leave you with a few tips for your closet just for fun. (You don’t want your brand to outshine you in hipness, do you?)


  • Don’t tell PETA, but leather is back in a big way.
  • Get ready to pack up your swingin’ Mad Men fashion and get some Midnight in Paris panache: glamour is reaching back to 20’s, 30’s and 40’s styling.
  • Sporty chic rocked the catwalk. This should make company picnics much more interesting!


So consider Rocca your brand’s personal stylist. Trust us, and your marketing will turn heads season after season.


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