Rocca’s A Visit from St. Nicholas

T’was two weeks before Christmas and all through the house.

Rocca clients were happy ‘cause their gifts had gone out.

The team checked tracking numbers with eagle-eyed care,

Because it takes more than Christmas spirit to get packages there.


The ribbons were tied, logos embroidered with precision

With excellent ROI and brand equity decisions!
CEO Stevens grabbed her coat and fashionable scarf to go.

She said with great pride, “The Rocca team’s got this show!”


When out on 15th Street, there arose such a clatter,

But it wasn’t the bumper-to-bumper, start-at-3 p.m. everyday Austin traffic nightmare that was the matter!

Away to the windows, so quickly they flew,

For they knew SXSW wasn’t for another month or two!


But what to their wondering eyes did appear …

but Santa! A sleigh! and tiny reindeer!

Santa’s brow was furrowed, his lips tightly drawn

And Stevens softly sighed, “Those deer better not eat our new headquarters’ lawn!”


But there was no time to fret, Santa was at the door in a flash.

It was quite plain to see, he had something to ask.

“Oh Rocca team, I’m in a Texas-size bind.

It seems I left some of my CEO gift bags behind!”


Before he could sit, the team sprang into motion,

Not a hint of panic, worry or excess emotion.

Stevens took off her coat and started to think,

She called out instructions, and poured poor Santa a drink.


“Now, travel kits, and etched wine glasses in a thermal ice bag too.

Now, pull in some custom messenger bags, Pedova journals and a logo pen or two.

And those golfers, they’ll want divot markers, gloves and branded vest for the fall

and don’t forget to throw in a couple of boxes of color-matched golf balls.”


“Now tablet stands, chargers and earbuds for all the gadget friends.

Then on to state-shaped cufflinks – the possibilities never end!

Those tumblers are popular – the ones we wrote about in our blog.

There! That should cover everything! That should do the job!”


Santa’s eyes bulged in wonder at such an incredible scene.

It was only Steven’s voice that brought him back from his dream.

“Now Santa dear, you know that this deadline is very tight,

you’ve got names, addresses and all logos in tiff formats, right?”


A few minutes later, all the orders were out,

And the Rocca team let out a holiday victory shout.

But Santa just laughed, in spite of himself,

“Ho! Ho! Ho! You guys are much more efficient than an elf!”


The team all hugged Santa, while Stevens whispered in his ear,

“You’ll get the bill for this early in January of next year.”

He gave her a wink, a quick thumbs up too,

Before out over the capital city he flew.


And the Rocca team watched as he dashed through the night,

Knowing he’d have a much easier flight.

A little of their talent was so easy to share,

for the greatest of gift-givers knew they’d always be there.


And they heard Steven’s exclaim as they drove out of sight…

“All that grass is still ok after those reindeer, right?”


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Your Rocca Team!