Rocca’s Tailgate Playbook

Two… four… six… eight… who do we appreciate? Smart tailgating hosts, of course! With football season here and the World Series just around the corner, you’ll find that September is a great time to score with products for your awesome alumni gathering or company watch party.

Face Paint is for Amateurs
Whether you’re looking to share your team’s logo or add in a corporate logo to tailgate fun, we know a variety of ways to make your mark. From grill tools to environmentally friendly picnic-ware or custom cowboy boots, we leave little doubt to who you’re loyal to.


Choose the Best Seats in the House
Long gone are plastic-covered foam squares. Stadium seats are now built for comfort and convenience with proper back support, drink holders and more. There are so many comfy ways to take your seat these days that you’ll wish there were more games on the schedule!


The Suite Life
There’s always room at the top. If you’re looking to entertain in corporate boxes or pre-game hospitality events, Rocca can incorporate clever, branded ideas into a space like no other. We’re ready to help you stock up whether it’s for a one-time event or a full season of entertaining.


We might not be able to run the bleachers any more or hit one over the fence, but Rocca makes the MVP list year after year. Give us a call and let us become part of your all-star season!