Don’t Be a Seasonal Scrooge

The economic news this year is making many feel as if their wallets — and hearts — have grown two sizes too small. In a recent survey, nearly 60 percent of business owners reported the downturn affected their gift-giving habits. Only 47 percent of small business owners anticipate giving corporate gifts to clients, a slide even from 52 percent last year.


So, if no one else is giving, you’re off the hook, right? Remember that saying your Mom had about following people off the Golden Gate Bridge? With fewer items competing for attention, your holiday investment earns the advantage of greater distinction and higher esteem than ever. Keep next year’s growth in mind with your gift selections and you may just see that holly-jolly spirit follow you into 2012.


Here are a few tips when considering holiday gifts:


Channel The Giving Tree
The holidays are a time to say thank you. There is no mandate that gifts relate to your product or service, but they should hold appeal for the recipient and stay consistent with your brand image and company philosophy.


Resist Vanity
Logos can customize holiday gifts, but a little thought and strategy is essential. Make sure the recipient stays the center of attention. Utilize clever placement, coordinating color palettes or techniques such as blind embossing to add class to conversation pieces.


Plan For Savings
Afterthoughts are not thoughtful! Start early to arrange for timely distribution and a possible thank-you conversation prior to clients’ vacations. Last-minute orders and express shipping only increase your costs and stress.


At Rocca, we’re experts in planning thoughtful gift strategies and selecting creative items catered to your recipients’ needs. No need to send a wish list to Santa’s Workshop  — contact our Rocca Elf Hotline to place the right gift and the right end-of-year message in your valuable clients’ hands!


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