Spring Into Green with Rocca

Ahhh … spring. That precious time when the Earth renews itself before facing the incinerator called summer. Wouldn’t it be lovely if we stayed in a constant state of rejuvenation? While we can’t promise your brand the dewy, youthful glow of celebrity-pitched skin moisturizers, we can offer it a little halo shine! Let us help you refresh your brand with thoughtful, eco-friendly, green products.


The Greater Good
When looking at your gift and custom-product strategy, you’ll find green products high on the list of user-friendly desires. With plastic bags now banned or restricted in cities from L.A. to Hong Kong and Seattle to Fort Stockton, reusable bags fill an even greater need. Easy-to-clean, reusable tumblers also add a bit of green — and your logo — to your client’s black coffee. When looking at any items from gifts to meeting materials, viewing products through a green lens extends not only the life of the product … but your reputation as well.


Materials Matter
Recycled paper, plastic and glass are the most visible and readily available recycled products. Did you know that recycled paper results in a 64 percent energy savings? Recycled plastics also emit eight times less carbon than first-source, and one ton of 50 percent recycled glass saves 300 pounds of mining waste. But don’t stop there when thinking Earth-friendly materials. Also consider recycled and natural products like metals and eco-friendly fabrics. Whatever your project, tell Rocca, “make it green,” and we find solutions.


Below the Surface
We also dig deeper when looking at environmentally friendly products. We can complete the recycled loop with products such as recycled inks and Earth-friendly dyes. These products display all the resiliency and wear of virgin products, without the heavy conscience. Don’t forget the details of accessories either. Many items now contain options for solar chargers or rechargeable batteries to keep your products green for years to come.


Infuse a bit of environmental rejuvenation into your projects this spring. Let Rocca place a recycled material logo on your next purchase and add a caring commitment to your brand’s identity.


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