Storming Those Creative Castles

At Rocca, we make creative product solutions look easy, but it does take some work. Brainstorming is a way of life at Rocca and a permanent part of our customer service process. As the first of an occasional series letting you inside the minds and operations of Rocca, we invite you to take on a few of our favorite brainstorming tips:


Don’t Fence Me In!
Creative energy can’t live in defined borders. Worry about the practical solutions after you’ve finished brainstorming.¬†Any idea might lead to the right idea. Throw them all on the table and fill in the gaps down the road.


Diagnose Before You Cure!
Identifying challenges often provides the best path. Creativity at its most basic form is problem solving, so clearly discuss challenges to open up the solutions.


Spread the Fun!
Lure individuals or teams beyond the usual suspects (use snacks if necessary!) to give your brainstorming a lightning bolt every now and then. From hometowns to music tastes, it’s great to gather a diverse group of participants for initial ideas.


Note This!
Take notes and build in a break to review them. It might trigger a follow-up on a great idea. You might also find something you noted that’s already escaped your thoughts.


Whether you’re dreaming up a new business plan or ways to show employee appreciation, brainstorming opens doors. Hopefully these tips will help you better refine the practice in your business as well. Call Rocca today so we can start brainstorming solutions for your project. Go forth and create!


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