SXSW Interactive: Technology Gone Wild

At Rocca, we love staying ahead of trends and the latest news so we can pass our informational gems along to you!


SXSW, or in full form, South by Southwest, holds its annual interactive, film and music festivals right at our doorstep in March. As much as we’d love to say we’re hip to hearing the latest tunes or chatting up movie stars, we’re really all about the interactive portion. And we’re not alone! The SXSW Interactive Festival, exploring the latest in creative technology and social media, now attracts more attendees than the famous music portion, following its 30 to 40 percent growth each year since 2009.


Here are a few things we’re anticipating at SXSW and how your branded products can benefit:


Networking Events and Promotional Tents
With more than 49,000 industry professionals attending the interactive portion of SXSW, this is the place for businesses to show off their brands. In addition, everyone from Levi’s to Red Bull stands ready to court the festival masses with promotional venues. We’ll see who pushes through the noise, note innovative and fresh ideas, and comb through the treasures and trash of promotional products. Basically, it’s a thousands-member-strong focus group for products to the high-tech crowd. While the techies and hipsters may not be your brand audience, remember they often serve as early adopters on trends that become mainstream demands.


Digital Links for Your Branded Products
You know them and you may use them, but will QR codes remain the right fit for your products? Will they soon be replaced by another innovation? Are snap tags the most economical way for your logo to launch customized digital messages? What about NFC technology and Mobile Visual Search? We’re keeping up with conference buzz on these savvy marketing marks, and learning best practices, uses and placements. Rocca not only selects great products but can also guide you on how best to link those products to your digital information and promotions.


Devices! Devices! Devices!
Sure, iPads dominate right now, but at a gathering of tech-world leaders, you’ll find everyone looking over their neighbors’ shoulders. No, they’re not copying notes, but simply observing what device others use to take those notes! We’re searching for the next big breakout and what branded accessories they might require. Whether devices become even thinner or fit in the palm of your hand, you’ll want your brand covering the next big thing first.


So, check our blog during the coming weeks to see what becomes legendary at this playground for the smart and savvy. Who knows? We might even teach all those SXSW attendees the proper use of y’all in their social media posts!