Think Snow!

We know it’s a billion degrees outside, light enough to mow the grass until 9:00 p.m. and a daily battle to fill the pool before more water evaporates. Who said summer was relaxing? After all this work, we want you to treat yourself to a peaceful holiday season – by planning ahead with Rocca.


When it comes to all things merry and jolly such as client gifts, employee appreciation and holiday party favors, the earlier you plan the better. Advance preparation allows you additional creativity. Find clever and tasteful ways to express a tagline or logo such as bottle etching or unique placement, and avoid junk-closet confinement with the tacky, mass-produced trinkets. (You know, those items you’re too embarrassed to even take to the lake or ballpark?)


Why not let your packaging play a role with a personalized stocking of goodies arriving December 1 to decorate with your thoughtfulness all season long?


For many items, extra time also equals extra money in your wallet by avoiding rush fees. The thought of expedited shipping rates with climbing fuel prices is enough to melt the ice in your lemonade! So whether you’re looking for something to last a lifetime like limited edition personalized books or items to make your year-end celebration a night to remember, we can help.


Because in the end, the best part about being a Summer Santa is letting the Rocca elves work while you pass the sunscreen!


Rocca Productions – Bold Your Reputation.